Temblor T10 Vs. KRK 8S2 Studio Sub?

Temblor T10 Vs. KRK 8S2 Studio Sub?

Postby MechelleGove » Wed Jun 17, 2020 6:07 pm

Hi Everyone!

Our group of friend is creating music for the last two years, and now, we got a new project which can make or break our career. That's why we decided to make music for this project with Hi-Fi musical equipment. No doubt, we have most of them, but nowadays, we are looking for a studio monitor subwoofer. In this regard, we shortlisted Presonus's Temblor T10 and KRK 8S2 after reading reviews from here http://cyberpunkist.com/best-subwoofers/studio-monitor/. We prefer KRK 8S2 due to its smart features and small size. Yes, its size is 8" which is perfect for our little studio.

On the other hand, we are also willing to go with Temblor T10 due to its stunning sound clarity and other features, but according to my friends, it's not a right fit for our small studio. It would be great if you share your thoughts on this issue. You can also suggest a studio monitor subwoofers out of our shortlisted brands.


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