Piano Performance in Canada

Piano Performance in Canada

Postby MechelleGove » Thu Sep 03, 2020 6:51 am

Hello! :wave:

Finally, things are getting normalize, and I need to Canada next month for my piano performance. Yes, I am participating in Crescendo Competitions. Though they are also offering auditions in the United States and online options are also available, but my piano teacher who guided me on each step is in Ontario. Similarly, auditions are in December, but I am going to Canada next month to get some training. It would be great if you share your suggestions regarding piano performance.

Similarly, I am also confused that either I should take my piano for preparations or try any rented one? Actually, I love to play my own piano, and yes, I am great attachment with it. According to my dad, he can contact a piano mover, and he can transport it till the US-Canada border, and from there I would have to hire a Canadian piano mover company from here. I am not sure about the Canadian piano mover companies, and it would be great if you share your suggestions. Especially if you are a Canadian citizen or have an idea of their movers rates.

Please come with good ideas.

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