Where it started - From the Archive Site Primer

Where it started - From the Archive Site Primer

Postby Ohioarrow » Fri Jan 01, 2010 5:40 pm

A Brief Primer on the VOM

The Virtual Open Mic started simply enough as a way for musicians to connect with each other beyond the act of posting messages on a message board. We shared a passionate connection, acoustic guitars and acoustic-based music. Some of us just left messages in the forum at Harmony Central Acoustic Guitars, but some of us started posting links to mp3s and videos of ourselves playing.

While a few of us performed in public, more than a few of us had a desire to perform in public but couldn't find the right place. Were we in the same neighborhood, we would get together and play songs for each other. Were we in the same town, we would support each other locally at gigs and open mics. How do you do that when one lives in Dallas and another in Vancouver?

It is one thing to recount the history of something. It is another thing to see it for yourself. Witness the original spark that lead to the first Virtual Open Mic. In it, Stackabones wrote ...

January 27, 2008
Just an idea ... brainstorming ...

What if we had an open mic here at HCAG?

Ok ... wait ... lemmee continue ...

With all the technology these days (computer studios, field recorders, youtube videographers), we could at some point in time have something like a virtual open mic.

Here's what I envision ... it sounds grand when I say "envision" ...

HCAGers (or any HC forumite) would post a tune via youtube, mp3, Soundclick or whatever that was performed in one take ... just like it would be performed at an open mic. The honor system would play a role of course ... we'd have to promise that it was one take and we didn't fancy it up with overdubs and so forth.

Could be a once a month thing, or seasonal, or never ...

As I mentioned, just an idea ..."

It developed from there. The idea of the one-take became a guiding principle of the Virtual Open Mic, but not a hardbound rule. It captured the spirit of VOM. And, almost as if to keep our egos in check, brahmz118 coined the acronym VOM1T (Virtual Open Mic 1-Take), which spread among VOMers like a virulent strain of influenza.
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