Use of Music Electronics for Rental Purpose & Insurance

Use of Music Electronics for Rental Purpose & Insurance

Postby MechelleGove » Tue Jun 22, 2021 1:12 pm

Hi Everyone!

Last year, during the lockdown days, I purchased a few music production types of equipment. Definitely, I made some tracks as an indie singer, but honestly, I am not using them nowadays because of too much workload. I am also shifting to another room in the upcoming days, but its basement is very small. Due to which I am not sure where I would store all of these musical instruments. That's why I am thinking to sell these items.

However, according to my husband, I shouldn't sell them. He suggested me to start a small production equipment rental business. Indeed, this idea sounds very attractive, mainly after reading this article ... -business/ I am thinking to conduct this venture as soon as possible. I am here to know your opinions.

Do you think lessee take care of such production items with great care? Especially would the courier service deal these items with care if the rentee is from the other cities? Or should I get any kind of insurance from here Actually, this platform provides solutions for all kinds of insurance needs, but I am not sure which one is the best option. So it would be great if you guys share your rental business and such items' insurance experiences with me.

Waiting for your responses.


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