Question about Tuners.

Question about Tuners.

Postby FerdyRatTara » Wed Aug 22, 2018 11:24 pm

I'd like to get a replacement set of Tuners for the H182 but all I can find have a neck height of 1.040". These measure .940" so the replacements will be .100 longer with might pose a problem for string tension on the nut in that it'd not have as much as it did with the original tuners. Am I thinking right about this or will it make a difference or not?
I know I could probably make up some .100" shims and put between the tuners and headstock so the post wouldn't stick out so far but I'd rather not have to rig it if I can help it.
Any help here would be appreciated. Thanks.

Regards, Ferdy RatTara.
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